P.U.C. T-191312

-Jenni L.- Customer, 1/17/2017
-Farrah N.- Customer, 8/10/2016

“Great moving company. Coincidentally it is the second time we have used them. I found them on Craigslist for our move from the Marina to Pleasant Hill. Took 6 hours to move 2 bedrooms worth of apartment (even though we are a one bedroom) to a house. They booked us on short notice and the night before they had a flat tire on a truck and called us not to cancel but to reschedule. Then a few hours later I received an email from Eric that we were back on and the problem was resolved. We packed the truck to the door and Vasile and Yvgene (spelling?) took care to wrap all the furniture, take stuff apart and put it back together and fit everything in the truck to the brim. It was so packed we had to leave a few small items. The other time we used them was from Palo Alto to San Francisco and we had a similar experience. Took care to not ding walls or cause damage. That time we had a few scratches to the coffee table and the manager discounted the move a little to compensate, which was appreciated. Would recommend and would use again. Thank you!”

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