P.U.C. T-191312

-Andy A.- Customer, 4/25/2016
-Tak P.- Customer, 4/16/2017


We had 2 movers move us from a 1 bedroom on the second floor to a 3 bedroom house. Arturo and another guy (I didn’t catch his name) were very smart and intuitive about moving and successfully disassembled and reassembled 2 complex pieces of furniture. We needed to get rid of some cumbersome pieces and they took care of that as well at no additional charge. They did end up breaking the glass bowl of one of our more fragile lamps. Accidents do happen, and it was during the ride over. They insisted on paying us for the full amount to replace and were very apologetic. I was happy with the way they handled it. We tipped them each $40 and they were on their way after 3.5 hours of moving!

I do have one gripe with this company though. Eric K, the guy I corresponded with after replying to a Craigslist ad, said that the $55 for 2 movers rate that is listed is only for the smallest truck, which would be too small for our needs. He said we would need the bigger truck at $65/hour with 2 movers. Our movers showed up with a 16′ truck and later in the move, mentioned in passing that it is their smallest truck. They also have 20′ and 24′ trucks. I do feel that this is a shady advertising practice done by upper management, but I’m happy that I ended up getting wonderful service from our movers.

Would use again :)”

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