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Unloading your old mattress is never easy. Usually, the last thing to think about is mattress moving the tedious old bed has to be dismantled, wrapped, put in a moving cart, and then safely transported to your new house. But moving a mattress into your brand new house does not have to be stress-free and time-consuming anymore. Here, learn more about how to move a mattress safely and quickly, with a trusted moving company.

Before even considering mattress moving, you need to check if it’s safe to do so by checking the weight of the moving mattress. Usually, mattresses are not that much lighter than they look, because most of them are already packed inside the box you purchased them in. But when you’re ready to unpack it, you’ll find that the box is filled with bulky packing tape, paper towels, and a lot of other fragile items that could easily break if they will somehow manage to get loose during the move. To make sure that your mattress will not break, it would be better to invest on flat packing tape to use during the move.

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Before even thinking of buying new mattresses, it is important that you already have a plan in mind. Check with your family or with friends about what size and design of mattress you should buy. Consider also the number of people expected to come over and how many mattresses will be packed and transferred into the moving house. You should also ask for some professional advice on how to move a mattress safely, from movers who are experienced with this procedure. There are a lot of options you can choose from for moving mattresses, including putting them inside large storage containers or building a doghouse out of cardboard and foams. As long as there is ample space to move all of your furniture in one go, then there should be no problem in packing all of your possessions.

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If you don’t have any plans of buying a new mattress right away, then you can just rent the one that you already have. Just make sure that your mattress will not suffer from wear and tear during the move, which is why it is a good idea to purchase quality flat bedded mattress for moving. You can ask the movers to use ratchet straps in order to keep your mattress upright while in transit. In addition, be sure to inquire about padded cushion that will be placed underneath the mattress to ensure comfort and safety.

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Even though it is expensive to hire professional moving experts, you must also prepare yourself for the expenses that will be incurred in transporting your mattress. You have to consider the weight of your belongings, the distance that the truck or van will transport it, and of course, the expenses involved with renting a moving truck and paying the fees associated with relocating to a new home. Even if you have a budget when it comes to transporting your bed, you must still know how much will your new house requires. Aside from the fees associated with renting a moving truck and the cost of the materials, you also have to include the expenses of packing up your things in order to get them to your new home. If you don’t have enough budget for these, then you must look into ways on how you can perform these tasks yourself.

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One way in which you can do your own transporting is by using a mattress bag. You can buy a mattress bag in any stores that are found locally. These types of bags can also come in different shapes and sizes to fit any type of mattress that you have. They are made of strong plastic and have heavy duty zippers in order to ensure that your items are transported safely.

Best Mattress Moving in Alviso, California

You can also use these plastic bags when transporting mattresses. You will be able to save a lot of space when you fold and roll the mattress inside these bags. Some people prefer the traditional style of carrying mattresses while others prefer the ratchet system. Both ways are effective in securing your mattress.

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A simple way in which you can keep your mattress safe and protected without having to pay a lot of money is by using a plastic wrapping. You can simply secure the bag with the help of tape or wrap the whole mattress with some type of wrapping material. This method works like a wrapper and helps to protect the mattress from damage caused by humidity.

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