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If you own an instrument that weighs more than eight pounds, you should consider hiring professional piano movers. This is especially true if you are moving it long distances. If you are moving it to your home, make sure that you have a temporary residence to store the piano while you arrange for long distance movers.

How To Move A Piano: Long distance piano moving generally involves at least two people for each piece of the musical instrument. Local piano moving prices range from $100 to over one thousand dollars or more. The heavier and more complex a piano might be, the harder it is to move. A fifteen-foot moving van is usual for moving an upright piano. Long distance piano moving prices average about $ 275 to about 550 per move depending on your place of origin and the size of the piano.

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Do-it-Yourself piano moving isn’t as bad as it sounds. You can save both money and time by doing the move yourself. For smaller instruments, such as stereos or upright pianos, you can rent a dolly for the first few moves and call the piano mover. If you have a larger piece of furniture, such as a grand piano, you may need to enlist the help of another family or friend to help you with the move. Even a professional piano mover will have difficulty moving large pieces without special equipment.

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If you own an upright piano, there are some special considerations when you are moving it long distances. First of all, make sure that the piano lid is properly secured. For a grand piano, you should use a locking piano lid, which locks securely so that the lid cannot be opened from the inside. Upright pianos should be placed on a floor that is not slippery, and a floor mat is a good idea to protect the piano lid and the floor.

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Upright pianos are much heavier than their much smaller counterparts, so you should consider packing them carefully. For long distance moves involving upright pianos, a dolly can often be used for the move. The dolly is a piece of heavy furniture with a flat bottom and is used to transport the piano across ground that is not smooth. Pianist can use special dolly pianos available at music stores to move their instruments safely. Many professional movers use dollies.

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Long distance piano moving usually costs more than flat rate pianos because they are larger and more difficult to move. In addition, long distance movers must hire a truck and driver, plus pay for insurance. If you have an upright piano that is relatively small and light, you can save by hiring a local moving company instead of a national one. This will save you money in two ways: by paying a lower hourly rate and avoiding the additional expense of insurance. You can also save money by only hiring experienced moving professionals who know how to move your instrument in an efficient and safe manner.

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Local piano movers to offer several services, including traditional piano moving services, as well as storage or temporary solutions. A local mover will arrange for your piano to be stored temporarily in an office or other location during the move, while your equipment undergoes routine maintenance. A local piano moving company may also offer storage options for long term or short term moves. The storage service may be available for as little as a few days to a few weeks or may be free for selected moves. The price for this service depends on the amount of equipment and how long the equipment will be stored.

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A flat rate is charged for standard sized pianos. For those pianos that are exceptionally large or have special features, such as digital features, complex hammers, or springs, your flat rate will be higher. However, no matter what your piano size, piano movers are trained and experienced to move your belongings in a safe and timely manner, as determined by your local area. Moving your pianos is an investment in your peace of mind, and the value of your home. It’s important that you research several local piano movers before deciding on one to help you with your next move. The choice is yours.

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