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Moving day can be stressful and inconvenient, but when it comes to Hot Tub moving, there is nothing you can do without. Moving a spa is a major undertaking that involves many preparations. Moving your spa by yourself, while doable, is not recommended, especially if this is your first hot tub. That’s why it is important to employ the services of licensed and professional movers who are well trained and able to complete the move of any Hot Tub.

Please read on, as it will give you all the basic information you need to make sure the move of your hot tub is safe, smooth, and timely. The following sections are guidelines on how to properly prepare for transportation and delivery of your new spa. Specifically, the following are considerations to keep in mind: Site Selection/ excavation, physical layout, staging, electrical, and plumbing considerations. As always, consulting with your Spa Professionals will help you determine how best to proceed. In addition, the safety of all parties involved, such as you and your guests, should always be considered.

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One of the first things you need to do when considering how to move a hot tub without insurance is to have a professional examine the spa and perform an evaluation. If your spa has undergone extensive modifications, it may not pass the initial inspection. Also, if your spa was transported relatively intact, it will likely pass inspection too. However, if you have weakened or damaged walls, pipes, or other structures, you may need additional repairs or modifications. It is extremely important that the overall integrity of the spa is not jeopardized in any way. Therefore, you must take care to make sure any pre-moving inspections are performed.

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The second step to consider in terms of how to move a hot tub is the physical layout and staging. This includes the depth and distance between the valves and the spa body and whether or not the hot tub deck or surround has sufficient space to safely travel with the unit. Professional hot tub moving services can also perform necessary routine tasks, such as securing the spa deck and surrounding area, ensuring adequate floor space, preparing the interior of the spa for packing and unpacking, and more. The proper staging is important because a poorly staged spa can present many hazards, particularly as it is moving.

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The next issue that must be addressed involves accessing the property. Depending on the model of spa you have, you may only need to make a few minor access modifications. For example, if your spa has a self contained drainage system, there will be no need to drain it. However, if it does not, then you should plan to make at least a few permanent access changes to door and window openings. Moving services with dollies will provide detailed information about the types of temporary access changes that are required for any model of spa.

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Once the area around the spa has been outlined, it is time to consider the actual moving procedure itself. This includes selecting the right truck with the right dollies and manpower. If you have a spa with an external deck, then the entire process will be handled by the truck with the dollies and manpower. Moving a spa with a deck is a little more involved because it requires a larger vehicle and more personnel. In this situation, the hot tub moving company should provide the appropriate equipment and manpower to move the spa, including a crane to lift the spa onto the deck. A successful move typically involves leveling the deck and then securely locking the spa in place with the deck screws.

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Prior to the lift itself, there are several steps that must be completed. First, the crane operator will secure the deck from underneath the vehicle. He or she must then raise the entire hot tub up into the lift truck. The crane operator will then lower the spa back into the truck. The deck can then be secured with additional deck screws, a winch, and crane tie-downs.

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Moving hot tubs using a deck and crane isn’t hard to do when all of the necessary steps are followed. However, these steps are essential. Not only do they ensure safety, they also allow for more flexibility while transporting the spa to its final destination. You may want to consider adding deck and crane accessories to increase the versatility and efficiency of your move.

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