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Refrigerator Moving A refrigerator is an appliance that is large and heavy. Moving an appliance like this can be a tough job. Moving a refrigerator is usually a time consuming process as the appliances are placed in one area and then taken apart to be moved to another area. If you are considering moving your refrigerator, make sure that you choose a moving company that has experience moving refrigerators.

Refrigerator Moving Tips If you have ever had a refrigerator moving around, then you know that the process can be a rough one. Refrigerator moving can cause damage to the walls and even result in warping of certain areas around the appliance. There are several things that you should keep in mind when moving a refrigerator. The first tip is to never attempt to move the full sized appliance on your own. It is important to have a trained professional do it for you or your family.

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Refrigerator Moving Tips One of the best ways to prevent damage to the walls while moving a refrigerator is to place baking soda on them. The reason baking soda works so well is because it acts like a cushioning agent. When the appliance is dropped on its side, it will not dent or scratch the material because it is under the influence of baking soda. Place one inch worth of baking soda on the sides and inside of the refrigerator before you start moving it.

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Refrigerator Moving Tips Three: Before you begin taking the appliance out of the building, you should double check all of the safety features. Some of these include a door that can be locked, windows that can be locked with a padlock, and even locks on the doors that allow only one person at a time. If you are going to be pushing the refrigerator into a tight space like a closet or an empty stairway, then you should also consider purchasing a sturdy stool to use as a stepping stone. This will take some of the pressure off of you when carrying the appliance down the stairs. If you have trouble reaching the top of the stairs, then you should look into a platform to stand on. This will ensure that you can safely reach the top of the stairs.

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Refrigerator Moving Tips Four: Once you have taken care of the four safety concerns mentioned above, you will be ready to move the refrigerator from one location to another. The best way to go about this is to find two professionals who are willing to work together to complete the job. Ask the movers what type of moving method will work best on your property. The majority of people prefer to use a professional moving method so that they do not end up with property damage or broken items.

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Refrigerator Moving Tips Five: Now that everything has been completed, you will need to carefully pack up the moving materials in a sturdy box. Make sure the boxes are completely empty of all items. Refrigerator Moving Tips Six: Once the movers arrive at your home, get all three of the moving professionals to meet with you at the location where you want to have the refrigerator moved. Discuss how long it will take and how you want the refrigerator to be unloaded. The movers can then estimate how much it will cost. Once an agreement has been made, the movers can get to work.

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Refrigerator Moving Tips Seven: Refrigerator Moving Tips eight: Many appliances make use of a special moving pump that moves them from one location to another. In most cases, it is very important that this moving pod, called a dolly, is used. This special dolly is made out of heavy duty plastic and it provides support for the moving appliance. You should ensure that the dolly is provided by the moving company. Otherwise, damage could occur to the appliance.

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Refrigerator Moving Tips Nine: When moving any refrigerator, it is important to make sure that it is securely fastened. One way to do this is to place non-skid mats beneath the refrigerator movers’ moving truck. If possible, the movers can secure the appliances using duct tape or strong tape. In order to keep the movers’ trucks from moving when the refrigerator is in place, you should also rent moving dollies.

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