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A mattress moving company is one which stands behind its slogan, “No worries, no punks”. It’s a large, padded plastic bag with wheels attached to it to which you load your mattress. When this is your first encounter with the term “mattress moving bag”, you must already know that mattress moving bags come in various sizes, heavy-duty and designed to fit all sizes of mattresses; including twin, full, queen and even a king-sized mattress. But how do you choose the right moving rental equipment from a reputable mattress moving company?

– Tape: As the old saying goes, “You’ve been there, seen it and done it… well, this is the tape.” While there are many varieties of tape, not all tape is meant to be used to transport and shift mattresses. Some tape, such as bubble wrap or electrical tape is meant for household purposes only; hence, it is best not to move a mattress with it. This type of tape may well peel off on you when it does not get enough downward pressure, particularly if it has been exposed to moisture for some time.

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– Mattress Plushies: These fluffy foam pillows are a big help when relocating a mattress from one place to another. These special foam pads have holes at the center that allow for expansion when filled with air. The holes allow for expansion as well as contraction when these mattresses are newly placed inside the moving truck or van. This is especially beneficial for people who find the traditional mattress pillow difficult to shift; the pillow can expand with the mattress as well.

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– Mattress Moving Boxes: For a lot of movers, a mattress moving box is their preferred choice of transporting mattresses. These boxes have the advantage of being able to expand in size, allowing for greater ease of movement; they also fit comfortably into the truck or van. A mattress moving box is the best tool when relocating a mattress; one does not have to worry about the mattress not fitting inside the vehicle or getting banged up along the way. With a mattress box, movers can also use special tools to help them reach high sides or corners.

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– Strap System: For more convenience, most mattress movers prefer to use straps on both the truck and the mattress in order to move a mattress. These straps allow for a safer move, as the mattress will not roll around when the movers are attempting to lift it. A mattress strap system can be secured using strong chains, or straps that lock into place and cannot be loosened. Another popular option for a mattress moving company is to use flat straps, with small hooks at the bottom of the mattress holding the strap securely in place. A professional mattress mover will know which type of system would be best for the move; just ask them for advice.

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– Mattress Wrap: This is by far the least favorite option for mattress moving companies. When choosing to use a mattress wrap, the moving professional should use high quality, waterproof packing tape. Using any other type of tape or wrapping will increase the risk of the mattress from getting damaged during transportation, and will likely damage the foam board that is used to cushion the mattress.

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– Mattress Boards: Mattress boards are the most common method for moving mattresses across town or across the country. These mats provide a soft, safe surface that makes it easier for movers to maneuver, since the mattress has a smooth surface. One benefit of these mats is that they prevent damage to the foam board itself, which will prolong the life of the moving mattress. However, because mattresses are extremely heavy, these boards are not recommended for smaller moves. Movers will likely need to hire a truck to move a mattress this size.

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There are other ways to pack and move mattresses but using the ones listed above will make the process go much smoother for both movers and their customers. If a mattress is damaged during transportation, there are many options for repairing or replacing the mattress; contact the movers for more information. It may be an option to purchase a moving mattress if the bed won’t be moved during the move. Many people find that it’s cheaper to move an old mattress, rather than purchasing a new one when they return from their trip. Either way, everyone will be happy with the results of mattress moving services.

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